GoPro HERO 3 vs HERO 3+

GoPro HERO 3 vs HERO 3+

What’s new with the GoPro HERO 3+ ?

If like me, you’re feeling a little frustrated because you bought a GoPro HERO 3 just before the release of the HERO 3+, you might be keen to understand what the differences are…

GoPro HERO 3 vs HERO 3+

The GoPro 3+ is noticeably smaller in its housing than the HERO 3 | © Sarah Tew

So what has changed with the GoPro Hero 3+? Well according to the official GoPro website, the new camera looks different, for starters it’s 20% smaller and lighter than the Hero 3. Right?

Well, yes, the outer casing of the Hero 3+ is less bulky, but if you remove the actual cameras you notice that the two are actually exactly the same size!

The positive thing about that is that the Hero 3+ accessories including waterproof housing will fit Hero 3 cameras, and vice versa. This leads us to the conclusion that the only thing that has changed is the size of the casing.

For divers, one significant disadvantage with the new housing is the reduced depth you can take the camera down to. The Hero 3 housing supports a 60 m depth while the new Hero 3+ can only go to 40 m. In this respect we have a disadvantage with the new camera, which for some might not be offset by the reduction in size and weight.

A positive change between the two cameras is the lens. The new camera’s low light performance has been enhanced whilst keeping the same maximum resolution characteristics for photos (12 mega pixels in the 3+ Black edition) and videos (4K in the 3+ Black edition). There’s no denying that picture quality is visibly better.

The new Hero 3+ also includes SuperView mode which allows you to capture an immersive wide angle perspective. GoPro’s ability to capture wide-angle beyond that of conventional fisheye lenses has always been a major asset when filming action sports from a POV perspective. This new SuperView further enhances this ability and is a welcome update.

Other updates include improved WiFi connectivity, which is now much faster when using the GoPro App for smartphones giving you less delay for the preview, improved battery life and finally, a much needed better sound capture capability.

If you have been frustrated to see this update so soon after buying a Hero 3, although there are definitely improvements, I don’t think they warrant going out and buying a new camera especially as all the new accessories can be used with both cameras.

GoPro HERO3: Almost as Epic as the HERO3+

To conclude the post and get your juices flowing about the new camera, here’s GoPro’s ad for the HERO 3+ :


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